Green Façade Design is a new step in the design world. It combines astonishing design with Greenness. With Green Façade Design, a building becomes the centre of attention and also brings a touch of colour to the streets. The building will get a Green look and thanks to the design will become a real eyecatcher. In the city centre, the attractive designs of the green façades function as landmarks. The hard-to-miss constructions give a green feel to the entire city.

There are even more possibilities for Green Façade Design. It can be used in other places where a lot of  particulate matter, CO2, NO2, and SO2 is released into the air, such as on sound barriers next to highways, open tunnels, busy roads in cities and in industrial parks.

Buildings with Green Façade Design will become landmarks in the city.

“Green Façade Design will become an important factor in architecture, design, and the look of the streets.”

The sturdy beauty of existing industrial buildings can be accentuated with Green Façade Design.